Calorie FREE to calculate calorie foods carbohydrates proteins and fats.

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LC Calories

LC Calorie Calculate

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LC calorie FREE 1.0 is a webapp useful to calculate calories proteins carbohydrates and fats.

LC calorie counter app for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and PC

Contacalorie multipiattaforma


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Calorie free for Windows iOS Android and Linux

LC calorie counter is a program, software Free app for use on Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS.
LC calorie counter can calculate instantaneous ways Calories, porteine, carbohydrates, fats of more than 1500 foods


NB. The Windows desktop version has been replaced by LC Diet 1.0 because it is much more powerful and so would not make sense you can download it here.


Download LC Calorie Diet

Calorie freeware for Smartphone Tablet PC Mac SmartTV all devices.

This is basically a simple App that runs on Tablet PC, Smartphone on any device calculations on calories will be possible via a database of 1500 foods that permits a menu for any size range.
Using this App will calculate the calories can make based on grams inserted to draw each food.
If you are not given any food you get the food table with all the calories protein carbs and fat calculated from grams inserted.

LC calorie does not replace the nutritionist or dietitian, the nutrition counseling must be performed by persons titrated to do so taking into account first of all of health protection. But to assess the caloric composition and calculate the macronutrients of food is essential. Why so often we do not know to adjust the amount of a particular food and a calorie counter with calculation of nutrients helps us

The customization and comprehensive consulting list of foods calculating the daily calorie consumption becomes an ideal aid for the organization of balanced diets which, remember, they should be prescribed only by experts settore.vostre needs.


And if you like the app and want to get LC calorie always just a click you’ll just click on the   “three dots” in the upper right and choose “Add to home screen” . LC calorie counter is simple to use, essensiale not appesantische smartphone and does not consume GIGA.

Screenshoot 1 LC Calorie Calculate

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Screenshoot 2 LC Calorie Calculate ideal weight and BMI

calorie calculate screenshot2

Screenshoot 3 LC Calorie Calculate basal metabolism and caloric needs

calculate calorie screenshot 3
 LC calorie free you can also download for free directly on Android smartphones. Click on download.

ContaCalorie presente su amazon app store

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Why you should serve a calorie counter? Let’s say you see a daily calorie count is the minimum if you really want to know everything about the food they put on the table. We recommend that you set before a diet with LC Diet 2.0 and then have this fantastic smartphone that counts calories is essential simple legerissimo. But that does not count you only calories also count carbohydrates, proteins and fats.