LC Diet 1.0

Software program for the free Diet – LC Diet 1.0

The software LC Diet 1.0 free diet is a program for processing of weekly diets it has the following characteristics:


Creating weekly diet with caloric indication of each food and calculate total calories.

Standard Diet pre-fitted .

Printable Weekly Personalized diet, with the ability to choose the food they prefer or need.

Database of more than 700 foods , to choose and insert in your weekly diet.


                            Download Free Diet LC

                        Download Free Diet LC

With this software program, prepare a diet calculate calories print a personalized diet has never been easier. And it’s free.


These are just the main aspects of the application. The great innovation of this application than competing applications is the possibility to create their own diets by following their calorie requirements.

It ‘important to be careful on the ingested food information and without undergoing the stress of diets are ill suited to their eating habits.

The user of this software can maintain a low calorie diet without changing tastes and eating habits.


? LC Diet 1.0 is indicated:


 for users who want to have a healthy diet.

for users who want to lose weight.

 for athletes and bodybuilders who want to create their weekly menu independently .


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